We Exchange Your Old Apartment for Our New Apartment!

We will exchange your old apartment for our new one. An ideal surrounding is awaiting you – a beautiful landscape, fountains in the yard and friendly neighborhood.

  1. Please, provide us with a real estate valuation certificate issued by a relevant expert regarding your old dwelling;
  2. Choose a new apartment you like in the block FontanuNamai.lt;
  3. We will sign a preliminary agreement on purchase of the new apartment;
  4. We will agree on a term for you to sell your old dwelling;
  5. When you sell your old apartment, only then you will pay for the new one.
  6. In case you do not manage to sell your old apartment within the timespan agreed, we will buy it from you.

Please contact us NOW to exchange apartments:
+370-656-8888-1,    +370-652-82490 or       FON@FontanuNamai.lt